Reliance Corporate Office | New Delhi

Design / Completion 2003 / 2005

300,000 Square Feet

Aluminium Composite Panel, Granite & Glass Curtain Wall

Following a design Competition, RKA was selected to design a new corporate headquarter for Reliance Industries Limited, at New Delhi

The building is spread over a built-up area of 300,000 sq. ft.  and was designed keeping in mind the unique siting of the building at the threshold of the two facets of the city.

The built form encloses an internal court which becomes the climate court and provides a different character from the exterior facade of the building. On the exterior, the building has extensive reflective structural glazing on the north and eastern facade, providing a view to the old city and reflecting its character on its facade. The fine intermixing of the new and old, reflected in terms of the use of material on the facade makes the building standout from its surroundings. Keeping in mind the unique location, the main concept has been to provide a modern timeless character to the building.      

The Landscape Design combines modern geometric forms that give a strong corporate with natural organic landscaping creating a relaxing work atmosphere. Concentric circular paving centered with grand fountains define the two main entrances to the building. These are linked with a row of palms and special paving. On entering the main atrium the interior landscaping becomes free form with the sounds of cascading water and shade tolerant plating creating a tranquil atmosphere. This garden visually connects to a large reflection pond that steps down through a dense shaded garden to the palm plaza. A 5m high waterfall forms a backdrop to this main axis and screens the market behind.

The project consists of Office Building, Guesthouse and Retail Outlet Area over a plot size of 15000 Sq. mt. The building has a LEED Gold Rating from IGBC.